Localbird’s Favorite Things To Do In Miami

by Ezra

Whether it’s thrilling excursions on the water or tasting & touring all the cultural hubs within the city, Miami has something for everyone. So, whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, or some tasty bites, here are some of our favorite things to do in Miami:

Jet Skiing

Arguably the most popular water activity for those visiting Florida in general, hopping on a jet ski is the perfect adrenaline-pumping experience to try in Miami. You’ll get to see the city’s skylines and mansions from a whole new, unforgettable perspective!

man surfing on sea waves during daytime

Everglades Airboat Tour

You might not know this, but Florida actually possesses one of the most unique natural regions in the United States. The swampy, tropical wetlands known as the Everglades cover 1.5 million acres of Florida, and are full of alligators, turtles and multiple species of birds. Airboats are the best way to explore this marshy wonderland, and their are plenty of airboat tours that offer transportation to-and-from Miami.

Catch a tour of Florida’s world-famous swampy wonderland.

Explore Little Havana

Another must while visiting Miami is visit their famous Cuban neighborhood. Known as ‘Little Havana’, local guides will take you to all the famous eateries and cafés, where you’ll get to sample delicious Cubanos, refreshing mojitos, shots of Cuban coffee and, if you’re lucky, maybe even some traditional cigars!

Catch a tour of Little Havana to experience the food and culture of Miami’s famous Cuban neighborhood.

Miami Sightseeing Cruise

There’s probably no better way to see all the sights of Miami’s iconic waterfront than from aboard on of the city’s famous sightseeing cruises. Aboard, you’ll sail pass famous landmarks like Star Island, Biscayne Bay and Downtown Miami and learn all about these locations as well as the history of the city. If you’re looking for a tour with a little extra pump of adrenaline, take your tour on the Thriller Speedboat and zoom around the Miami skyline. Don’t forget to bring your camera along for the ride!

Take a ride on the Thriller if you’re looking for an exhilarating way to experience the Miami skyline.

Helicopter Tour

If you’re looking for a truly unforgettable look of Miami, there’s none better than the bird’s eye view from a private helicopter tour. Enjoy an aerial look at all the scenic beaches and iconic landmarks and experience the thrill of soaring high above the cityscape and capturing breathtaking photos of your journey.

Experience the helicopter ride of a lifetime as your see the Miami skyline from an unforgettable angle.


Whether it’s jet skiing with skyline views, exploring the Everglades and Little Havana, or soaring high on a private helicopter tour, there’s truly something for everybody in Miami. We hope you consider trying some of our favorite things to do in Miami experiences, and feel free to take a look at all the other trips and adventures available on Localbird.


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