Localbird’s Favorite Things To Do In Costa Brava

by Ezra

Welcome to the Costa Brava, where the allure of sun-drenched beaches meets the rugged beauty of Spain’s Catalonia region. This stretch of coastline has ascended to the ranks of Europe’s premier vacation spots, attracting over 2 million visitors in 2022. And it’s no mystery why. In this blog, we’ll break down some of our favorite things to do in Costa Brava that we’re sure will make your trip to the Wild Coast one to remember.

Relax & Enjoy The Beaches

If you’re coming to the Costa Brava, most chances are you’re coming for the beach scene. The region is renowned for boasting some of Spain’s most splendid coastal gems. Stretching long and adorned with golden sands, these beaches offer remarkable diversity, catering to all preferences. Whether you’re drawn to bustling family-friendly shores or serene secluded coves perfect for unwinding with a book, the Costa Brava’s beach scene stands as a magnet for global travelers.

Scuba Diving In The Mediterranean

Dive in and explore the beautiful waters of the Costa Brava.

While we’re on the topic of the Costa Brava’s water-scene, let’s talk about one of the most popular activities to do in the water. With over 36 professional scuba centers along the coast, the Costa Brava ranks among the Mediterranean’s elite diving destinations. Submerged shipwrecks and a vibrant array of marine life await your exploration beneath these pristine waters. Revel in superb visibility and optimal water temperatures that make the Costa Brava a scuba diving paradise. Also, be sure to check out the diving tours currently available on Localbird. From beginners to seasoned pros, we offer experiences for all skill levels.

Explore the Coast in a Kayak

Full of amazing bays, coves and secluded beaches to explore, The Costa Brava is also a perfect destination for a kayaking adventure. A lot of these inlets and tunnels are too narrow for a regular boat to pass through and explore, and that makes kayaks the perfect mode of transportation to do so. You can rent kayaks in most towns and cities along the Costa Brava, and there are also guided kayak tours designed to take you to all the best locations.

Sample The Region’s World-Class Wine

Some of the Emporda’s best wine is in Costa Brava.

This one will probably come less of a surprise, but did you know that Spain has really great wine? Better yet, what if I told you that some of the country’s best wine can be found in the Costa Brava? Yep! This rocky, coastal region is part of the Emporda wine route, which is famous for their rich and complex red wines. The Emporda is also famous for it’s smooth and sweet Garnacha wine, as well as delightful sparkling wines and rosés. Dive into the world of Emporda wine by visiting the esteemed La Vinyeta winery, where you can partake in amazing wine tours, tastings, and workshops. Sample the region’s liquid treasures and consider bringing a bottle back to share the magic with friends and loved ones!

Explore the Spanish Coast on Horseback


Without a doubt, one of the most unique ways to get around the Costa Brava, a horseback riding tour is the best way to experience the full scope of the region’s nature. Traverse stunning beaches and towering cliffs that overlook the Mediterranean, as well as lush meadows, and valleys adorned with charming medieval towns. There’s no question about it: a horseback ride through the Costa Brava will provide an unforgettable memory that will linger in your heart.

Embrace the Region’s Rich Culture and History

Cities like Girona are filled with rich history, culture and architecture.

Aside from all the fun in the sun, the Costa Brava also sports a ton of history and culture. Artists like Salvador Dali spent considerable time in the Wild Coast, and you can go and see their artwork in the region’s various art museums. Head over to the city of Girona, which not only boasts it’s share of these museums but is filled with Romanesque and Gothic-styled buildings, making it perfect for scenes of Medieval blockbusters like Game of Thrones. Book a tour through the Jewish quarter of the city, known as one of the most preserved Jewish quarters in all of Europe. The Jewish community of Girona was extremely impactful on the city’s culture until 1492, when they were expelled from the city. Whether it’s through a shared tour or a private one, there’s plenty of history and culture in the Costa Brava to please everyone!


In short, The Costa Brava is full of rich, unforgettable experiences perfect for travelers of all kinds. Whether you’re seeking kayaking or horseback riding, relishing the beauty of splendid beaches, or sampling some of the Emporda‘s finest wines, your chosen endeavors promise to etch the Wild Coast in your heart forever.

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