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ATV Rentals Santa Teresa: 10 Things To Know

ATV Rentals Santa Teresa

If you’re planning on visiting the tropical paradise of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, you should definitely consider renting an ATV. The combo of rugged dirt roads and stunning, off-the-beaten-path adventures make ATVs our favorite vehicle to explore the area with. Not only that but the ATV Rentals Santa Teresa offer are well-maintained and not crazy expensive. With that said, there are a few things we think are important for you to know in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable ATV experience. So, let’s rev up our engines and dive into the details!


Rates & Requirements for ATV Rentals in Santa Teresa

ATV Rental Rates

The rates you’ll find for an ATV rental in Santa Teresa will vary. They’ll depend on the duration of the rental and the model of the ATV. Standard rates to expect are usually around the following (not including tax):

420cc 2-Seater ATV

6-8 hours: $70

24 hours: $80


2500cc 2-Seater ATV

6-8 hours: 70$

24 hours – $80


5-Seater UTV:

24 hours – $190

If it’s convenience that you’re after,  we at Localbird ATV Rentals go the extra mile by offering free delivery & pick-up  of your ATV to-and-from wherever you’re staying in Santa Teresa, Malpais or Playa Hermosa. That way, you can start your adventure right from your doorstep without any of the regular hassle.

Wear Your Helmet

While cruising through the picturesque landscape of Santa Teresa, safety should always be taken seriously. In fact, wearing a helmet isn’t just a recommendation from us—it’s a legal requirement. Whether you’re driving or just riding on an ATV, by forgoing a helmet, you’re actually risking a hefty $400 USD if you’re caught without one. So, just do yourself a favor and protect both your head and your wallet as you ensure a safe journey across the beautiful  Costa Rican coast. 


Maximum Riders

Never ride with more than two passengers on an ATV. Standard ATVs are designed to accommodate a maximum of two riders—one driver and one passenger. Attempting to ride with more than two people greatly increases the risk of accidents and makes the ATV more prone to flipping over. It’s also the rules and regulations of most rental companies, so we recommend to keeping to two-per-ATV to keep yourself out of trouble, or upgrade to a 5-seater if you need to.  

Driving Through Town

When cruising through the streets of Santa Teresa, it’s important to keep an eye out for pedestrians. The town and surrounding areas have limited sidewalks, so the roads are also shared by individuals traveling on foot, such as surfers, families and even dogs. To ensure maximum safety, we advise driving at a moderate speed inside town, to be alert, and always yield to pedestrians crossing.

Driving At Night

“Night” in Santa Teresa comes out comes early—around 6 PM as a matter of fact. When it gets dark, try to keep the driving to a minimum as streetlights are rare in this part of Costa Rica, increasing the risk of being unable to see an approaching pedestrian or animal. With that said, if you’re in Santa Teresa or another well-lit town like Montezuma, there should be no problem with riding your ATV around. 


General Tips for Driving ATVs in Santa Teresa

Advanced Booking

We definitely recommend booking your ATV in advance, especially if you intend on visiting Santa Teresa during the peak season (January – April). During this time, ATV rentals are in extremely high demand and availability can be limited. Planning a head and booking in advance will ensure that you have the most time to explore Santa Teresa, the Montezuma Waterfalls and all the other stunning landmarks in the area. 

What To Wear

Comfort is important when riding on an ATV. Lightweight, breathable clothing like t-shirts and shorts are most ideal in our opinion. If you’re looking for a little extra protection, a long-sleeved shirt and some long pants will do just the trick. Also, some gloves to protect your hands from getting cut on branches could definitely go a long way. And don’t forget your sunscreen!

Gas Stations

With the nearest gasoline station in Cobano, 16 km out of town, most Santa Teresa ATV rentals provide gasoline at their respective depots. With that said, you should know that nearly all ATV engines will take the Plus 91 offered at gas stations all across Costa Rica. Just to be sure though, we suggest asking your rental service what fuel your ATV takes in case you need to refuel. 



ATVs are our favorite method of getting around Santa Teresa and the majestic surrounding areas, and we think you’ll love it too. Just remember, dress appropriately and be aware of the safety regulations of driving ATVs in Costa Rica. That way, you can ensure yourself a safe and unforgettable adventure throughout the beaches and forests of the area.




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