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5 Best Santa Teresa Transportation Methods


Looking to visit the tropical paradise of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, but don’t know how to get around? We’ve got you covered. Here are the 5 best and most popular methods of Santa Teresa transportation to visit all the amazing beaches and waterfalls the area has to offer:


Arguably the most popular method of transportation, ATVS are also unquestionably the most fun way to get around Santa Teresa. You can rent an ATV from a number of companies in Santa Teresa, or book it here on Localbird. We go the extra mile by offering free delivery & pick-up  of your ATV to-and-from wherever you’re staying in Santa Teresa, Malpais or Playa Hermosa. That way, you can start your adventure right from your doorstep without any of the regular hassle. Just remember to a helmet and feel free to check out our other blog on everything you need to know to make sure you have a safe and responsible ride!

ATVs are by far the most popular way to get around the streets and beaches of Santa Teresa.

EasyHop (busses): 

Santa Teresa now has it’s own bus service! Not only is it extremely affordable, but the busses actually run pretty frequently, and have special passes and membership plans to fit your schedule and budget. 


Another way to get around Santa Teresa is via taxi. Finding one is a pretty simple process; you should be able to flag down one on the street or worst case, call a local company and order a ride. Keep in mind that taxis are usually pricier than the other Santa Teresa transportation types, but they can be convenient when needed to get someplace specific, or if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of driving/biking.  Check out Localbird’s Taxi Services if you’re looking to plan a ride!


Probably the simplest means of transportation, biking is another great way to get around Santa Teresa, especially if you’re traveling to someplace close by. There are plenty of shops offering bike rentals in Santa Teresa, just be sure to wear a helmet and follow the traffic laws.


Last but not least, probably obvious option for getting around a small beach town like Santa Teresa – walking. The town center and nearby beach area are relatively small, so walking to most destinations in Santa Teresa shouldn’t prove much difficult. Just remember to prepare for the heat and humidity, especially if you are visiting Santa Teresa during the summer season. Be sure to bring lots of water for the way.


When planning a trip to Santa Teresa, transportation is actually one of the simplest things to figure out. From renting ATVs and bikes to getting a ride on the public busses or a taxi, there are plenty of great and affordable ways to choose from.

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