By Tahoe Forest Baths

By Tahoe Forest Baths

Duration 1 hour and 15 minutes

About your experience

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation at our South Lake Tahoe spa with our traditional Japanese Cedar Enzyme Bath. Immerse yourself in a blend of soft, fermented cedar and enzymes from the pristine lands of Hokkaido, Japan, promoting detoxification and stress relief. Feel your body and mind unwind as you experience rejuvenated metabolism, digestion, skin, and lymphatic drainage in this luxurious and healing retreat.

From: $ 150.00

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WaterExfoliating ScrubCedar Detox BathOptional Oxygen Bar

Our South Lake Tahoe spa experience is designed to engage all five of your senses, thoroughly detoxify your body, calm your mind and bring about overall peace, tranquility and bliss. Soaking in the all-natural biologically heated cedar, which reaches up to 150 degrees Farenheit without the use of gas or electricity, can improve circulation and sleep and give a boost to your mood, metabolism, immune system and digestion.

1. Check in

After an initial health consultation, your therapist will show you the facilities and explain the process of having a Cedar Enzyme Bath.

2. Preparation

After you change into your provided undergarments, you will be served a delicious and hydrating enzyme drink as your bath attendant prepares the spa.

3. Spa

Your bath attendant will cover you with warm, fragrant cedar enzymes with medicinal properties. You will spend 20 minutes relaxing in the warm and fluffy cedar while breathing in the aromatic oils and vapors.

4. Post Spa

After you step out of the bath, you’ll enjoy a private shower and continue to boost circulation with a full-body exfoliation with our special scrubs.

5. Cool Down

Retreat to our elegant Cool Down Room, where you’ll take in beautiful views of the lake and mountains and sip hydrating beverages while your body returns to its normal temperature. While cooling down, you will continue to detox and sweat for about 20 minutes.

6. Oxygen Bar

Add on a rejuvenating treatment from the Oxygen Bar if you’d like. The oxygen is delivered via a concentrator and mask that fits over your face, and the treatment lasts about 15 minutes. Essential oils are optional.

Come in a bathing suit or undergarments

Spa located in Stateline, Nevada, South Lake Tahoe

$150 - Singles Japanese Cedar Detox
$260 - Couples Japanese Cedar Detox
$390 - Group of 3 Japanese Cedar Detox
$520 - Group of 4 Japanese Cedar Detox

$20 for optional oxygen bar (15 minutes)

Change of plans? we get it, things happens. Cancel by contacting us up to 24 hours before your activity starts for a full refund.

Meet Tahoe Forest Baths

Timothy Walter

Timothy Walter

From Tahoe to Japan, our journey led us to discover the transformative power of Cedar Enzyme Baths at Osmosis Spa. Inspired by this experience, we ventured to Hokkaido to master this therapy. Now, as proud partners with Otaka Enzymes, we bring this rejuvenating tradition to South Lake Tahoe, inviting our community to embark on a journey to wellness with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits?
    The baths boost circulation and metabolism, reduce stress, beautify the skin, relieve aches and pains and elevate moods.
  • What do I wear in the bath?
    It’s your choice. You can wear a swimsuit, or our provided disposable undergarments.
  • Are the baths private?
    Yes, the baths and changing areas are private.
  • What makes the bath hot?
    The baths are biologically heated from the activity of thermostable enzymes. The thermal activity of aerobic digestion is energy intensive, reaching its high temperatures.
  • Are the baths environmentally friendly?
    Yes, quite so. Our heat source is natural fermentation that does not use fossil fuels.

From: $ 150.00

Quick Booking | From: $ 150.00

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Add one oxygen bar per person

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