By Save the Turtles

By Save the Turtles

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Duration 3 Hours

Suitable for children

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This activity is seasonal, and can be booked from August, and through February.

Embark on an amazing adventure at Playa Venao, where we’re on a mission to save sea turtles! With our passionate team, we head along the coast, rescuing baby turtles and giving them a safe start in life away from predators and human interference.

Then comes the best part – setting them free into the big blue! It’s a magical moment, watching them paddle off into the ocean. Whether you’re a nature lover or just looking for a unique experience, come join us at Playa Venao and be part of something truly special!

** Please note that we are unable to schedule specific times for the patrols, as they are dependent on Mother Nature. Patrols happen during night or dawn hours, and we will reach out to you the day of to provide the specific time.

From: $ 50.00

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Join us for an unforgettable Turtle Patrol Tour at Playa Venao’s moonlit sands! As the sun sets, witness the awe-inspiring sight of female sea turtles nesting, guided by our experts. With red-filtered flashlights, softly tread along the beach, hearing stories of survival. Keep your eyes peeled for tiny hatchlings embarking on their journey to the sea under the moon’s glow. Get hands-on by assisting in relocating nests or releasing hatchlings, contributing to their protection. Remember to maintain silent reverence, respecting the turtles’ space with no loud noises or flashy distractions. Beyond the tour, carry with you the memories of this extraordinary adventure and the satisfaction of playing a role in ocean conservation

  • Bring  a Camera, extra clothes, and sunblock.

$50.00 USD per person

Change of plans? We get it, things happens. Cancel by contacting us up to 24 hours before your activity starts for a full refund.

Meet Save the Turtles

Scott Crystal

Scott Crystal

"Save the Turtles" is a conservation initiative dedicated to protecting Olive Ridley Sea Turtles in Panama. Founded by Scott Crystal in 2020, it combines efforts in conservation, education, and sustainable tourism. Based in the scenic Tortugas Playa Venao, the project leverages volunteer support to enhance turtle survival rates, emphasizing environmental preservation and regenerative practices.

From: $ 50.00

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