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By Mauricio

By Mauricio

Duration 3-12 hours

Includes Equipment

About your experience

Starting your kitesurfing journey is a step-by-step process, and at our school, we guide you through each stage until you’re confidently riding the waves solo. With our expert instruction, we ensure your learning experience is not only safe but also efficient and enjoyable. From mastering the basics to becoming proficient in kitesurfing, we’re dedicated to helping you progress in the safest, fastest, and most enjoyable way possible. Join us and begin an unforgettable adventure as you learn to harness the wind and conquer the waves with skill and confidence.

From: $ 150.00

Prices do not include taxes & charges

Iko Certified InstructorFull kite equipmentHelmet, life vest, and wetsuit if needed

Learning how to kite surf takes time. We put together this 12 step program, so you can know exactly where you are in your learning process and how much time it takes to master it. Already know how to kite? No problem, we will plan the lesson based on your skill level

12 step program to learning how to kite:

At the beach (3 hours): Kite & wind theory, Set up the kite & lines, Inner workings of the bar & safety systems, Self-rescue technique, Kite control

In the water (2 hours): Body drag upwind, Power strokes

Water & Board (3 hours): Waterstart with assistance, Waterstart solo, Ride Downwind, Ride Upwind, Transitions

Become Independent (3 hours): Transitions, Ride upwind

Booking time is for first lesson. Each lesson is 3 hours. After the first lesson you can plan when the next will be.

meeting point: Ahua tulum

Private (1 instructor - 1 student):
* 3 Hours --- 270 USD
* 6 Hours --- 540 USD
* 9 Hours --- 810 USD
* 12 Hours --- 1080 USD

Group (1 instructor - 2 student - 1 kite):

We don't organize group lessons. Group lessons are for couples, friends, or families who come together.

* 3 Hours --- 150 USD / Person
* 6 Hours --- 300 USD / Person
* 9 Hours --- 450 USD / Person
* 12 Hours --- 600 USD / Person

Change of plans? we get it, things happens. Cancel by contacting us up to 24 hours before your activity starts for a full refund.

Meet Mauricio

Mauricio Vega

Mauricio Vega

We're Mauricio and Rocio, the founders of a small, welcoming family kitesurfing school in Tulum. Former city dwellers with office jobs, we made the bold decision to pursue our passion for water sports by starting a kiteboarding and paddleboarding business in the Caribbean. For the past eleven years, we've been sharing our love for the ocean and our expertise in kitesurfing, creating unforgettable experiences for our students along the way. we help travelers to get exciting experiences, become water addicts, and find a new life passion.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I bring?
    Swimsuit, Cap, Sunglasses, Sunblock, Towel
  • Do I need any previous skills to take lessons?
    You need to swim and be comfortable in deep water.
  • How long it takes to learn to kitesurf?
    Around 3 hours to get to the board stage. Between 9 to 12 hours to be independent. The course is split in 3 or 4 days, 3 hours per day. (This is average. Every student is different.)
  • Why are group lessons just with one kite?
    Because our beach conditions do not allow to have one instructor focused on two students with two kites flying. In the group lessons, our students share one kite while learning.
  • When is the season to kitesurf in Tulum?
    November to May/June. Summer may also be windy, but conditions are changeable and less constant.

From: $ 150.00

Quick Booking | From: $ 150.00

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