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by Ben

Other things to know

By Localbird Partners Team

Accessing your partner dashboard

You can access your partner dashboard at any time by going to localbird.io/affiliate

And or by navigating to menu > partners > Go to dashboard



Payouts are issued automatically on a bi-weekly basis or upon request. You can track your payouts at localbird.io/affiliate/payouts

Ways to maximize your upsells

  • Printed QR Codes are the easiest way for guests to access you partner link- as a stand in the room or in the lobby. Here’s an example of what a QR code would look like.

  • In confirmation emails– whenever the guest books a stay at with you- insert your partner link in the email with a nice message. Learn how
  • WhatsApp message templates, whenever guests ask you for recommendations or to book an activity, rental, or anything available on the localbird marketplace, simply send them your partner link. Learn how


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