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How to Create Your Localbird Landing Page

August 7, 2023
By Ezra

Welcome to Localbird! If you’re reading this, it means you’ve registered as a Localbird Partner and are interested in providing your guests with amazing experiences and services from the area. The next step to doing so is creating a Localbird Landing Page, which is your personalized portal for guests to enter your Digital Guidebook. This blog will take you step-by-step through the very simple creation process. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Enter Your Partner Dashboard & Begin Creating New Landing Page

Once logged in, the first step is the simplest:

  • Enter your Partner Dashboard by clicking on the red Go to dashboard button.
  • Once there, you’ll find the middle dashboard option called Manage Landing Pages. 
  • Click on the button that says View my landing pages.



  • This is where any landing page(s) you create can be found. Here, you can edit your Landing Page(s), share them via WhatsApp or via link, or create new ones altogether.

Step 2: Accommodation Name & Logo

To create a new landing page, you have two options:

  • Begin filling in the details in the middle section.
  • Click on the red button that says Create a new landing page.

In either case, the next two steps are the same:

  • Fill out your Accommodation Name (name of your company or the name of the vacation rental).
  • Add your company’s logo by either dropping in the file or selecting one from your device by clicking on select files.
  • Once you are done, click Next.



Step 3: Tagline & Location

Your next step of creating your Landing Page is to write a tagline or greeting welcoming your guests to your digital guidebook. We recommend the tagline be both short, straightforward, and inviting. Something like:

“Welcome! We’re so happy to host you! We’d love to help you find and book services and experiences throughout your stay!”

“Hi There! We can help you find and book services and experiences!”

“Welcome To {input accommodation name}! Here are some amazing experiences in the area that we recommend checking out during your time here! Let us know if we can help in any way! 

Once you’ve written your tagline:

  • Click on the list of locations and select yours.
  • Afterwards, click on Next.




Step 4: Personalize Your Guidebook

You’ve made it! The fourth and final step to creating your Landing Page and Digital Guidebook. This is where you customize your guidebook and leave important information for your guests. This includes:

  • About Us information about yourself and your brand.
  • Instructions for your guests in regards to their arrival, stay, departure, etc.
  • House Rules for you guests to follow during their stay.
  • Address of the vacation rental or whatever other locations they need to know about.
  • WIFI password of the vacation rental.
  • Additional Information that you would like to give your guests (how to use things, where things are located, etc.)

Amazing! All that’s left is to include your contact info or that your property’s manager.

  • After that, click the red button that says submit.




Well done! You’ve created your Landing Page, and can now share it with your guests! You can do so via WhatsApp or via sharing the link with them (email, text message, etc.). If you’re interesting in hearing about some strategies we recommend in making sure your guests see your landing page, check out this blog we’ve written to help you maximize your guests’ stay with your Landing Page.

We hope this step-by-step guide was helpful and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions whatsoever. Thank you again for partnering with us at Localbird 🙂

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