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How to add experiences that sell

August 4, 2023
By Ben Levy
By Ben Levy

Product Title

The title should be 3-8 words. A great title is crucial for any tour description. It’s the first thing people see and remember, so it needs to be captivating and interesting.

The title of your tour description is its headline. It’s the first thing people see and should be enticing enough to get them to click on the link, so it should be short, sweet, and compelling.

  • How to Create a Good Product Title:
    • Use strong verbs in your title
    • A keyword phrase that is relevant to your product/service.
    • The title should be short, sweet, and compelling.
    • Make sure the title is about your tour
    • Don’t use too many words in your title
    • Use adjectives that describe your activity or make it unique.
    • If it’s a unique location, consider including that as well
  • See Examples:Ex: Kayak in La Jolla Sea Caves and Marine ReserveIn the above case, the verb is “kayak”Ex 2: Sunset Sailboat Tour in Rio de JaneiroIn the above example, the unique feature is that the experience is at the sunset

    For Mexican – private chef

    Here are a few suggestions for a product title for a Mexican private chef experience with Chef Tasos:

    1. “Taste the Best of Mexico with Private Chef Tasos”
    2. “Authentic Mexican Cuisine with Chef Tasos”
    3. “Experience the Flavors of Mexico with Chef Tasos’ Private Cooking Lessons”
    4. “Private Chef Tasos’ Mexican Masterpieces”
    5. “Indulge in Delicious Mexican Fare with Chef Tasos’ Personalized Cooking Services”

Product Image

Horizontal photos, high. quality (not blurry or saturated)

Product Gallery

Look for Horizontal, high/good quality photos(not blurry or saturated). Request for more photos if needed especially if less than 3 photos.

Key Product Features

Add 3 key product features (i.e good for kids, includes transportation, free delivery)

  • See Example:The meeting point for this activity is at the Zuma Tours office in Montezuma, CR at 9:00 am. Please arrive 10 minutes early. {{google location}}


How long does this experience last? They usually have this on their website, but if not, request it from the Vendor.


The rates should include and specify if the price is per person, group, etc. If they offer different rates depending on the duration, or different prices per adult or child, you add it here. Make sure to list the prices per person type.

What to expect

This should be an itinerary-like section that explains what to expect from the activity.

  • Every tour or activity should have these details:
    1. Where will you go?
    2. What will you do?
    3. What will you see?

💡 Use storytelling techniques to make the reader feel like they’re experiencing the tour while reading the description. You should use vivid imagery to trigger an emotional response from potential guests and ultimately persuade them to book.

  • See Example:Take off from Miami airport, to see the spectacular landscape of South Beach. This memorable tour flies you over the South Beach shoreline, Key Biscayne, Downtown Miami, Venetian, Star and Palm Islands, and other iconic spots.After the tour, we will return to the lounge where we will enjoy lunch with the crew.

Meeting point:

The meeting point should be an address or area. Not a link, and if the tour has a fixed schedule, make sure to add it in this section.

Available Times:

Add all available times

  • See Example:Meeting point📍Vancouver Island Brewery at 8:00 AM Note: Complete location will be sent after booking.

What’s included

Add whatever is included to the price they paid for that experience. Identify if the experience includes transportation, meals, equipment, etc.

What’s required

Any required document, or dress code. For some products like yoga, you may need to bring your own mat. For tours, if bottled water, food, and snacks are not included in the price, then add it here.

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