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5 ways to be more Eco-Friendly on your trip to Santa Teresa

Curated by Rahel Yitbarek
Santa Teresa’s natural beauty is not just a sight to behold but a heritage that deserves our care and respect. Here at Localbird we are invested in eco-friendly travel. These are 5 small actions you as a traveller can take to ensure the preservation of Santa Teresa’s many ecological treasures.

1. Don’t touch the Corals

Tortuga Island’s crystal blue waters have made it the ideal destination for snorkeling and scuba diving. The island also boasts over 400 species of coral reef and marine fish species. While it’s hard to resist touching the colourful corals, this small act actually endangers these beautiful creatures. A slight touch can cause damage or even death to this crucial aspect of the marine ecosystem.

The good news is that snorkelling or diving without direct human interaction is not only safe but is encouraged. Witnessing marine aqua life aids conservation efforts and helps educate people on the importance of these species. After you finish snorkeling, you can spend your time swimming in the calm waters, kayaking across its coastline or relaxing on its beautiful white sandy beaches.

There are no hotels on the island and all visits must be done through boats. Book an all-day trip now!

2. Dine at eco-friendly restaurants

Eco-friendly restaurants offer delicious food while keeping the environment at the centre of their operations. Whether it’s through locally sourced ingredients or organic menus, these are two of our favorite eco-friendly restaurants in Santa Teresa.

  • The Shambala Restaurant at Hotel Tropico Latina is dedicated to serve natural cuisine in an ecofriendly way. They use organic and local products while avoiding preservatives and artificial colouring. As an added bonus, you’ll enjoy beach side views while eating your delicious meal.
  • Manzu beachfront restaurant’s menu is made with fresh, local ingredients and recipes. Connect with the culture of Santa Teresa through its delicious food.

3. Join local beach cleaning efforts

What many people don’t know about Santa Teresa is that its beaches have been awarded the Ecological Blue Flag Award multiple times over the years. This internationally recognized award is given to beaches with high ocean water quality and clean coasts. A major factor for Santa Teresa’s beach cleanliness is the locals’ efforts. Here are some initiatives you can take part of during your trip.

  • Nantipa’s Beach Cleanup: Committed to educating travellers on the dangers of microplastics, Nantipa asks for 10 minutes of your time to pick up small pieces of plastic and post it on your social media. You’ll be rewarded for your good deed with a refreshing smoothie or tropical fruit juice.
  • Santa Teresa Lifeguards Weekly Beach Cleanup: This project is a collaboration between the Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeeper and the LECO project to clear and recycle plastic from the oceans.
  • The Clean Wave’s 5 minute beach clean up: This organization values any kind of action, big or small, hence their name. You can join their beach cleaning efforts either by directly participating in a cleanup, attending an event, or donating.

4. Book your stay at an Ecolodge

The lush nature of Santa Teresa is the perfect setting for ecolodges. Ecolodges combine hospitality and nature to create a true sustainable tourism experience. They typically in jungles or green areas and are very nature focused. Our favorite is the Aysana Jungle House located in the middle of the jungle and only a five-minute drive away from the beaches of Santa Teresa. The beautiful bungalows are designed with eco-friendly principles and decorated with handcrafted local materials. During your stay you’ll have frequent visits from howler monkeys, coatis, deer, and other tropical creatures.

5. Use bicycles for transport

When it comes to green travel, there is no better way to do it than using bicycles. Bikes produce no emissions and therefore help you in reducing your carbon footprint. What’s more, they allow you to take in the scenery and experience the local area in a more intimate way. These are some of our choices for bike rentals in Santa Teresa available on our website.

  1. Bicycle Rental in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica –
  2. Beach Bike Rental • Localbird

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