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Eco-Adventures in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Curated by Rahel Yitbarek
At LocalBird, we’re dedicated to promoting sustainable travel options that respect and preserve the natural beauty of destinations like Santa Teresa. We believe it’s our collective responsibility to engage in conservation efforts and make informed choices that minimize our environmental impact. Help us ensure that this magnificent town can be enjoyed by generations to come by going on eco-friendly tours.

Private tour of Tortuga Island

Embark on a marvelous sailing trip to the beautiful Tortuga Island. This private tour has an itinerary fit for any kind of adventurer. Get up close and personal with marine life as you explore the underwater world through a snorkeling experience. Explore the island’s greenery and wildlife with a guided tour before taking time to unwind by the beach.

Tortuga Island Private Tour

Private Whale Watching Tour

Witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat as you sail across the Pacific. Allow yourself to be captivated by their howls and songs while learning about their ecology from experienced guides. This tour values sustainability and uses recycled materials to serve foods and beverages.

Whale Watching Tour

Curu Reserve and Tortuga Island with Blue Beach

This tour has the complete package of underwater and wildlife exploration. Enter into the heart of nature as you walk through the Curu reserve home to 232 species of birds, 78 species of mammals, 87 species of reptiles, and more than 500 species of plants. Put on your snorkeling equipment and discover the world beneath the waves. Then, sail to the nearby Tortuga Island for a pleasant lunch on the beach.

Curu Reserve and Tortuga Island with Blue Beach

Canopy Zipline Tour above Montezuma Beach

Experience the beauty of Montezmuna like never before. Soar above the tropical forests and crystal-clear waters in this unforgettable adventure. If you’re lucky, you may encounter howler monkeys, parrots, iguanas, and much more. Visit the breathtaking waterfalls and swim in the natural pools that the waterfalls have carved out.

Tortuga Island Snorkeling

Spend an exhilarating day filled with eco-adventures. Your experienced guides will anchor in prime snorkeling spots where can take your pick between snorkelling or scuba diving, with another boat. Enjoy a delicious BBQ lunch, with vegetarian options, on the coast of Tortuga Island. Unwind on the beach and spend the afternoon swimming, kayaking, or relaxing.

Bioluminescence Tour at Tambur

Paddle through the mesmerizing glowing blue beach. The secret to the water’s special glow at night is its bioluminescent plankton, making it stand out from all other sights in Santa Teresa. Kick off your adventure with a boat ride into the Pacific before paddling into nature.

Explore Santa Teresa and experience its breathtaking beauty through these eco-conscious adventures. Encounter vast species of wildlife, support conservation efforts, and play a role in safeguarding this tropical paradise

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