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Who we are

Localbird is a leading digital concierge platform that transforms ordinary trips into extraordinary experiences. We partner with hosts to provide guests with authentic, local experiences that make every vacation memorable. Our platform offers everything from local tours and private chefs to unique wellness and adventure activities, all curated to enrich the travel experience.

What is the Localbird Ambassador Program?

The Localbird Ambassador Program is an exciting opportunity for locals who love their community and want to see it thrive. As an ambassador, you’ll play a crucial role in expanding our network by referring new hosts to Localbird. It’s a chance to contribute to your local economy while earning rewards, including long-term passive income.

How it works

Let's get to know eachother

Join our network by booking an introductory call. Once approved, you’ll get access to all the resources you need to start referring hosts.

Spread the Word

Use your local knowledge and networks to introduce Localbird to potential hosts. Show them how partnering with us can enhance their guests’ experiences and increase their earnings.

Earn Rewards

For every host who signs up through your referral and starts offering experiences, you’ll receive a commission. Plus, you’ll earn a percentage of the revenue from every booking made by their guests—creating a continuous stream of passive income.

Benefits of Being an Ambassador

  • Earn Extra Income and Long-Term Passive Income: Get rewarded for each successful host referral with a competitive commission structure. Plus, continue earning from the bookings made by their guests, securing a long-term passive income.
  • Flexible Role: Work on your own schedule and at your own pace. Perfect for anyone who wants a side hustle that fits into their lifestyle.
  • Support Local Tourism: Help grow your local tourism industry by bringing more unique and engaging experiences to travelers.
  • Access to Resources: Receive training, materials, and continuous support from the Localbird team to ensure you are equipped to succeed.
  • Join a Community: Become part of a network of Localbird ambassadors who are passionate about travel and local experiences.

Who can become an ambassador?

Anyone with a passion for their local area and a network of potential hosts—whether you are a local influencer, involved in the tourism sector, or simply a proud member of your community.

Ready to Get Started? Visit our website to apply and learn more about how you can make a difference in your community as a Localbird ambassador. Let’s make travel unforgettable together!

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